Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Beauty of the Day---

As I sit on the lake, swinging in my swing---I wonder where I will be, in a year from now, even 5 years from now!!

Sometimes, when I feel "lost"---I look at, the beauty of the day--this is what I like to think about!! I try to be thankful of what God has given me & put my worries on him. I try not to take anything for granted!

Worry---what does it really mean???

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"WHY" do people "FIGHT"

At my age, (which is 56) I still can not figure out "WHY" people fight & argue!!! It amazes me of the many reasons, someone thinks, that--he or she, either--has the power or wants the power or wants the attention or wants a distraction or wants a reason to leave the house---to create a fight!!!

Where does it get you??? NOWHERE----causes alot of heartache on everyone (especially children, if they see or hear anything) I just think people, men & women, are "STUPID" when it comes to fighting---don't get my wrong, I've done my fair share of being a total bitch---but I have now realized, that it got me nowhere. I think of those moments--how much time was wasted!!!

Life is tooooo, short---people need to be respectful of one another & appreciate their life, that God has given them!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

"WORRY" of Teenagers

This is a new chapter in my life---having a 19 yr. old son living with me, after he has been at his Dad's for 2 yrs. Well, I have come to realize, out of 4 children---not one, has lived with me after High School!!! What the hell, was I thinking!!! I guess, you could say I had no choice---he was running wild in Tennessee, I MEAN WILD----20,000 miles on a new truck, in 3 months---don't get your calculator out, that is around 1,700 miles a week, which 17 is my lucky number, which, Thank God, he survived!

He's here---NOW WHAT?? Can I play hard ass--NO!---tell him what to do--NO! Ground him--NO! My only leverage is "The Truck"---he just doesn't know it, YET!!!

Many sleepless nights in the last 4 weeks---WORRY is the word!!! All of you parents know what this is like. Right now, I am letting him make his own decisions, the only thing I have ask, is to let me know, he is OK.

Being a WORRY-WART, I find is nerve racking!!
The weird thing is---he (as in Cutter) doesn't even notice---

Loving Your Kids--I'll take any suggestions--

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Cutter is home from Tennessee!!! It has been a busy week for me, not use to the routine of 3 teenage boys in the house. Alittle crazy, to say the least. Cutter is now 19, did not like community college, so that went out the window! Now, that he is back, he wants his own business. DOESN'T WANT TO ANSWER TO ANYONE--who does that sound like?? So now we have it! C & C Vending---placing bubble gum machines. He did this alittle in TN, hopefully since he is not lazy, this will give him something to build. He wants this so bad, I am trying to let him do this on his own. He does have the will & he is just stubborn enough to make this go. This is not what I wanted for Cutter, but I will support him, in what he believes he can do.

Life Lesson for Cutter this week is working on a roof, in this hot-steamy Florida weather. He has found out QUICK-that roof work is not for him. Just part-time is to much. He has to get up at 5:00am & doesn't get home till 5:00pm. 12 hour days, in this heat...will make you spin for hours. Hopefully, Cutter will find his way soon, because if not, he is going to drive my crazy!

I feel he thinks he's lost. Trying to find your way sometimes, just isn't easy. We are blessed to have Cutter, God knew what he was doing, when he gave me him last!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutter---Is Coming Home!!!

Well, today is the day...Cutter is coming home from Tennessee---he has been living with his Dad (my sh-thead Ex)for the last 2 yrs. The only thing I can give my ex at this point is, Cutter did graduate! Thank God...other than that, I give my Ex nothing!
Thank God for McKenzie, she got him through yesterday! What a great sister...but lets just hope, she doesn't drop him off on the side of the road on the way home from Tennessee! Cutter could put this in her I have my fingers crossed, that they will make it home safely.
Yesterday started out, full of sh-t, the U-Haul won't rent to an Explorer..which I did not know we do. So the next step was, to rent a trailer (because, again, my sh-thead ex, wouldn't help w/his pick-up) to take all Cutter's furniture over to McKenzie's apt in her 2nd bedroom...for her to have, which works out great, for a guest room for her & Ryan. So that made her happy! So, the easy street for me is, when Cutter is ready to "move-out" from us...he will get new stuff, which is what it would of cost, for a stupid U-haul anyway..
Long story short...Thank You (mother) McKenzie, for getting him home. Now I can go on drugs & hopefully he won't drive my crazy! (which we all know, he WILL!)
With All My Love (especially,for my Cutter)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Teenagers "RUDE" Alarm Clocks

What the hell, is this all about!! Their (alarm clocks) freakin "GO OFF" and then, they just lay there & continually let it sound off---bonker noise or shit music! At least put it on Country, if I have to hear it---and this is upstairs! Sounding off all over the house. It's Bullshit!

Who else lives in the house?? Nevermind---It doesn't matter---
Do they think once---HELL NO---that alittle quitness at 6:00am would be needed & wanted! (desperately)

The thing is---then they get dressed, go out the door---then the damn thing is still yelling down the stairs & of course---you/(I)---try to turn the damn thing off & NO---that doesn't stop it either---
They have a CODE---you think???

Just venting----LOL---
Have a wonderful & fun day!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

"Never put off til tomorrow, what can be put off, til the day after tomorrow!
Mark Twain

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Love All, Trust a Few"
by: William Shakespeare

All comments are welcomed, what does this mean, to you....

See you next visit!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


"The future belongs to those,
who believe in the beauty of their dreams."