Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Cutter is home from Tennessee!!! It has been a busy week for me, not use to the routine of 3 teenage boys in the house. Alittle crazy, to say the least. Cutter is now 19, did not like community college, so that went out the window! Now, that he is back, he wants his own business. DOESN'T WANT TO ANSWER TO ANYONE--who does that sound like?? So now we have it! C & C Vending---placing bubble gum machines. He did this alittle in TN, hopefully since he is not lazy, this will give him something to build. He wants this so bad, I am trying to let him do this on his own. He does have the will & he is just stubborn enough to make this go. This is not what I wanted for Cutter, but I will support him, in what he believes he can do.

Life Lesson for Cutter this week is working on a roof, in this hot-steamy Florida weather. He has found out QUICK-that roof work is not for him. Just part-time is to much. He has to get up at 5:00am & doesn't get home till 5:00pm. 12 hour days, in this heat...will make you spin for hours. Hopefully, Cutter will find his way soon, because if not, he is going to drive my crazy!

I feel he thinks he's lost. Trying to find your way sometimes, just isn't easy. We are blessed to have Cutter, God knew what he was doing, when he gave me him last!


  1. hi shannon, just testing to see if i replied in the right place or not. i just sent you some pics. on your e-mail. talk to you late xoxo

  2. shannon, that was me up there aka sweet pea i use in another website i belong to for smokers to quit.