Thursday, September 24, 2009

"WHY" do people "FIGHT"

At my age, (which is 56) I still can not figure out "WHY" people fight & argue!!! It amazes me of the many reasons, someone thinks, that--he or she, either--has the power or wants the power or wants the attention or wants a distraction or wants a reason to leave the house---to create a fight!!!

Where does it get you??? NOWHERE----causes alot of heartache on everyone (especially children, if they see or hear anything) I just think people, men & women, are "STUPID" when it comes to fighting---don't get my wrong, I've done my fair share of being a total bitch---but I have now realized, that it got me nowhere. I think of those moments--how much time was wasted!!!

Life is tooooo, short---people need to be respectful of one another & appreciate their life, that God has given them!


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