Friday, August 7, 2009

Cutter---Is Coming Home!!!

Well, today is the day...Cutter is coming home from Tennessee---he has been living with his Dad (my sh-thead Ex)for the last 2 yrs. The only thing I can give my ex at this point is, Cutter did graduate! Thank God...other than that, I give my Ex nothing!
Thank God for McKenzie, she got him through yesterday! What a great sister...but lets just hope, she doesn't drop him off on the side of the road on the way home from Tennessee! Cutter could put this in her I have my fingers crossed, that they will make it home safely.
Yesterday started out, full of sh-t, the U-Haul won't rent to an Explorer..which I did not know we do. So the next step was, to rent a trailer (because, again, my sh-thead ex, wouldn't help w/his pick-up) to take all Cutter's furniture over to McKenzie's apt in her 2nd bedroom...for her to have, which works out great, for a guest room for her & Ryan. So that made her happy! So, the easy street for me is, when Cutter is ready to "move-out" from us...he will get new stuff, which is what it would of cost, for a stupid U-haul anyway..
Long story short...Thank You (mother) McKenzie, for getting him home. Now I can go on drugs & hopefully he won't drive my crazy! (which we all know, he WILL!)
With All My Love (especially,for my Cutter)

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