Monday, February 1, 2010

Messy Day---Rain & Wind

As I sit home today---sick with a cold---I watch the rain & the wind, out over the lake. It is beautiful. This all started at 5:30am---getting ready for work, I decided I still did not feel well, from yesterdays sore throat. So, here I sit, home from work or working from home, which is a privilege for me. Neither, here or there, I did not go out today or yesterday. Working alittle, watching TV, talking on the phone, reading alittle, I guess you could say "alittle of everything" trying to rest up for tomorrow's busy day. No sun at all today, just plain ugly, all day! I feel sorry for those people, having to drive today, which I am usually, one of them.
Ugly day--when out in it, but how beautiful, when I sit & look out over the lake, watching the big, old, Oak Tree blowing in the wind & the birds sitting still on the dock.
I will be better tomorrow---hope to see some sunshine!!

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